What is God Like?

To the Christian and anyone who has ever wondered "What is God like?", God has revealed attributes about Himself to us in His Word. God is totally incomprehensible and to grasp all of Who He is would be totally inconceivable to the human mind. In studying His attributes, we cannot put God in a box or categorize Him in some list of classificatiions. Scripture says that there is no one like God and that He is a God who is transcendant, far above and totally set apart from all things. He is in a class by Himself, and to study who He is would only be like observing one particle of dust among all the particles of dust in the universe. The purpose in studying the attributes of God is not to gain some knowledge of God, only to say that you know about Him; rather, the purpose is to see the greatness and glory of the Most Holy King and Lord of all things, and to worship Him forever for Who He is. The purpose in studying these attributes is to magnify God in His Pure and Omnipotent glory. In God's attributes there are communicable attributes along with Incommunicable Attributes. Communicable attributes would be those that He can communicate with us, and we can communicate with each other; attributes that our minds can grasp; attributes that we have been given from God that we share with Him- God being the source of them. Love, Goodness, Mercy, Wrath, Wisdom, and Patience are all things that we can relate to as men, and God being the Source of all these Attributes. Incommunicable attributes would be those that are incomprehensibleand possible even inexplainable at times. Eternity, Immutability, Omniscience, Omnipotence, Holiness, Self- Existence, Self- Sufficiency, Transcendence would be incommunicable attributes.

I pray that each of these Articles, Sermons and Videos would help you along with the power of the Omniscient Spirit of God to know God in a deeper, glorious way, that exalts Him for Who He is. Be Blessed.


Self- Existence








The Love of God

The Goodness of God

The Mercy of God

The Grace of God

The Justice of God

The Wrath of God

Books on the Attributes of God

The ONE True God - by Paul Washer

The Knowledge of the Holy - A.W. Tozer

The Attributes of God - A.W. Pink

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