God is Omnipotent. He is all-powerful, and all power is in His hand. He is the source of all life and authority and in Him is all fullness of power. God's power is more diplayed than spoken of in His word and in this case His all-powerful actions speak louder than His words; yet His all powerful actions are not apart from His word, because His word put His actions into existence and His word is all powerful...did you get that? God has all power and authority and there is no one like The Almighty.

The Power of God - A.W. Pink

The Power of God - James Boyce

The Omnipotence of God - A.W. Tozer

The Omnipotence of God - D.H. Kuiper

Discourse on the power of God - Stephen Charnock

My Name is God Almighty - John Piper


The Power of God - Paul Washer

My Name is God Almighty - John Piper

The omnipotence of God - A.W. Tozer

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