What the Bible Teaches about God's Grace

These doctrines and teachings about the wonderful gift of God's grace to His people are often debated and argued over by some. Some refer to these teachings as Calvinism, but these highlights about God's grace come directly from the Bible. We see these things written about in the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation and we hear them from the mouths of men like Moses to Christ and the apostles. My encouragement to you who may have never seen these doctines before is to recieve them with an open spirit. Only the revealing and teaching power of the Holy Spirit can help you to see the truth found in these awesome points on God's grace. These are not mere "theological, ivory tower, "what does this have to do with me?" teachings but they are precious truths that God has revealed to us about His ways and His thoughts. Contrary to what is being preached in these times, these teachings on God's grace do not glorify man and reduce the awesomeness of God. These teachings exalt God in the riches of His grace and they humble man and expose him as the powerless, sin-dominated creature that he really is.
In listening to the sermons, don't only heed the words of men in explaining these doctrines, but follow along with an open Bible as the Spirit of God takes you through the infallible, inerrant, pure Word of God.

Human Inability

Unconditional Election

Actual Atonement/General Redemption

God's Effective Call

Perseverance of the Saints


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